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    • Generates over 2,100 unique reports
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Proception Assessments Suite

Identify Individual Business Behavior


Identify Individual Business Behavior for:

Conflict Resolution
Improved Communication
Management Development
Relationship Development
Sales Development
Team Building


Individual Report
Interview Assistant
Manager Report
Sales Interview
Salesperson Report

Proception2 Brochure

Identify Personal Motivators in Business Environment

business motivators

Identify Personal Motivators in a Business Environment for:

Goal Setting
Team Building
Decision Making
Career Satisfaction

The Individual will better...

Understand potential causes of conflict
Understand and appreciate relationships
Identify personal motivators and interests
Learn how motivators impact work performance

Measure Knowledge of Consultative Sales Process

sales acumen survey

SAS measures seven key steps in the sales process:

    • Prospecting
    • First meeting
    • Investigating/Probing
    • Presenting
    • Influencing/Convincing
    • Working with objections
    • Getting the business


    • General sales knowledge
    • Current sales strengths
    • Developmental suggestions when a person scores below the 70th percentile in a key selling step
    • Targeted developmental recommendations including books or online leaning

A Motivation Assessment Built on Scientific Research

Individuals and corporations use motivators for goal setting, management development
 team building, decision-making, and other important areas throughout an organization.

This report provides feedback on motivators identified originally by
Edward Spranger and additional research by Gordon W. Alport and Philip E. Vernon.

There are six motivators in the Proception Business Motivators model:

Proception Assessments Includes Colorful, Easy-To-Interpret Infographics

proception2 graphic report
Proception2 DISC Graphic Report
business motivators graphic report
Business Motivators Graphic Report
business motivators graphic overview

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