Performance Measurement Service

Whether to demonstrate the value of the Monalco Talent Solutions assessments to your CEO or others or just want to know for yourself, we want to be your experts. Monalco Talent Systems offers an evaluation component unique to your company.

Performance Measurement and Evaluation includes the identification of key performance indicators, statistical analysis, and feedback over time.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) can include a wide range of metrics depending upon the needs and interests of your organization. We’ll talk with you and together we’ll identify and include the top KPIs for your organization.

Examples of KPIs for Recruitment include:

  • Time to fill
  • Offer acceptance rate
  • Hires to goal
  • Quality of hire
  • Cost per hire
  • Diversity hires

Examples of KPIs for Development include:

  • Time to complete tasks
  • Work satisfaction
  • Quality of work
  • Customer service
  • Presenteeism
  • Absenteeism

Examples of KPIs for Retention include:

  • Loyalty
  • Involvement (positive/frequent actions create felt-involvement)
  • Tenure

Descriptive and Predictive Analytics for Real Insight

Choice of analytics is key. When the right analytic method is applied to the correct set of KIPs, the results make sense and are usable.

Our analytic approach is designed to identify the right set of KPIs for each outcome— recruitment, development and retention—based on the unique characteristics of your company. Retention of top talent is the Holy Grail. Activities within your organization that lead to the retention of top talent are those that need to be identified and targeted for improvement. Performance measurement does exactly that.

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