Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers Briggs is a personality inventory established in 1921. Today, its value derives from its consistent performance over a long history and in the many ways it has been used over time.

For the individual and for the culture

Because it identifies the integrated personality dimensions of individuals within a company and how those personality dimensions relate in a work environment, it has been found useful for insights into the individual employee as well as the work culture.

For Leadership

Myers Brigg results allow companies to enable the very best of its managers. Managers who understand their own personality and tendencies as well as those of their employees have a much better chance of making better decisions and managing stress—their own and that of their employees. A leader who is self-aware and other aware has a healthier effect on the company culture and is naturally perceived as a better leader.

For Performance

Individuals differ in how they perceive and process information affecting our work tendencies and habits. Managers strive to put their employees in roles that account for the differences by playing to each person’s strengths and weaknesses. Results of the Myers Briggs provide the insight managers need to guide established employees, while accommodating new hires smoothly. In effect, performance of individuals and of teams are both strengthened.

For Teams

The Myers Briggs reveals how members of your team like to work and identifies those with whom they will collaborate best. When assembling a work team, results of the Myers Briggs helps to assure minimize conflict by matching the right types and by helping each type to understand the other. In effect for team, the Myers Briggs identifies strengths and weaknesses among members and facilitates team performance.

For Communication

When team members know their own personality type, and those of their team members, they also understand the best ways to communicate with one another. For managers, teams that communicate well make life easier. At the same time, your knowledge of the member types facilitates your communication with team members.

For Motivating

Different individuals are motivated by different things and sometimes put-off by something that motivates another. Armed with insight into an employees’ personality type, managers can better motivate and avoid the pitfalls of “one size fits all”. An employee with one personality type might need to hear positive feedback and appreciation frequently. Another employee might be motivated by the “nod of respect” that comes with increasing independence and autonomy.

Just a few reasons the Myers Briggs is one of the most trusted personality assessments among U.S. organizations…

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