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What would the impact be on your business if you could avoid bad hires?
What would a 6 - 10% improvement in sales mean to your bottom line?
What does early job turnover cost you in terms of money, time and resources?
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Select platform provides a wide array of pre-employment assessments for associate and entry-level jobs that are designed to evaluate the fit of the candidate with the job role. Each survey measures characteristics that lead to successful performance in a given position, provides hiring recommendations and interview questions.

Specific Surveys for Specific Roles and Industries

Production & Distribution
Call Centers
Leasing Agents
Personal Services
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“Selecting the right talent for your individual business is the most important thing you can do. There’s nothing more important. That’s what has made working with Assess Systems a very good relationship for Hyatt.”

Randy Goldberg
VP of Recruiting Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
North America Operations

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Select System Report “Roadmap”

All Select System Reports Include

Integrity Index

Measures the candidate’s attitudes about personal integrity and work ethic.

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Performance Index

Indicates the candidate’s potential for success in the role.

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Interview Questions Job

Provides a structured interview guide with additional probes.

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Performance Sub-scale Analysis

Displays characteristics critical to the specific job. Flags areas of concern and generates related interview probes.

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Task Responses

Reports willingness to do tasks specific for the job based on flags.

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