Why Monalco Talent Solutions?

Avoid bad hires that are costly and risky

Eliminate the “churn and burn” turnover syndrome

Quicken the hiring cycle while hiring higher performers

Build a resilient and synergistic team

Talent Solutions

Identify best-fit candidates & incumbents for professional and leadership positions

P2 DISC: Gain insight into an individual's behavioral style in a work environment

Measure candidates on five dimensions of integrity and work ethics

Target high-performing candidates for associate-level positions

P2 SA: Discover a candidate’s true sales acumen

Build a resilient, high-performing organization with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

Hire superior sales performers for B2B or consultative sales positions

P2 BM: Help individuals learn how personal motivators impact work performance

Customize your talent management strategies

Assess Systems

Hire & Promote the Best

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Exceed Your Sales Goals

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Orion Systems

Avoid Hiring Problematic Applicants

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